Our mission is to revolutionise the drug discovery process so that new therapies can be developed for the most challenging genetic diseases much faster and cheaper than is currently possible.

Drug discovery is a hugely inefficient system. For each approved drug, over 1,000 compounds fail, and 80-90% of these before ever being tested in humans. No other industry operates with that high a failure rate, but despite this, Pharma invests billions into R&D each year, into a process that takes 10-15 years per drug.

Fixing that changes everything.

It may be quite a bold statement, but at Quest Genetics we aim to do just that by tackling the problem at its root. We combine multiple novel technologies to prioritise the very best candidates at the first stage of drug discovery, eliminating those that would otherwise fail later in the process. In doing so, we accelerate and de-risk the entire drug discovery pipeline, enabling rapid delivery of more effective and safer treatments to patients.

Our Technology

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